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VT2000 Technical Services
1299 Buck Hollow Road
Fairfax, Vermont 05454

Clair Dunn, Designer/Photographer

Cell:  802.309.3344

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 Join a Group!

Because of Vermont's topography and population distribution, artists need to make a real effort to connect with other artists. It's not like we can stroll down to one of a myriad number of coffeshops and expect to find other kindred souls on any given afternoon!

I strongly recommend finding out if there is any group near you, or at least one you can possibly get to when the weather is good. Here in Franklin County, there is the Saint Albans Artists' Guild, of which I am a member. It seems especially important to belong to such a group in these extremely tough economic times, if for no other reason than that of moral support.

More Informal Groups

I am also fortunate to have found a very informal group that meets once a week at a local church. There may be such a group in your area, small but dedicated. Learning about this kind of group may only come by word of mouth.


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