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Site Hosting

If you host your site with VT2000, you get a site that is cared for and monitored by me, not by someone in Singapore or wherever. That means if you have a question about the service you are getting, you can pick up the phone and call a real person (me) who will fix anything that needs fixing, or just answer your question.

If Not with VT2000 Then Go Here ...

They are reliable, strict about white-hat content, and have excellent 24/7 support via phone and email. They are located in Virginia, and right now, are at the top of their game. They are very reasonably priced at around $85/year. Most folks will be happy with their "Base Host" package.

The Company you Keep

I host only white-hat sites. White-hat sites are good sites--no adult material, phishing sites, etc. Real, solid, businesses and professional people only--contactors, artists, musicians, interesting personal sites. Your reputation won't suffer by association. Have a look at the sites I've designed--most of which I already host.

All Sites are Monitored

I monitor the sites I host, you probably won't ever notice anything wrong because I will have taken care of it immediately. I'm just geeky enough to actually like the hosting end of things.


$12 per month--but if you pay for a full year at once, you get the year for $80. And, yes, you can find hosting cheaper than that by a dollar or two per month, but then you have to take care of it!

Domain Name Registration

Getting a new domain name costs about $46 for a 5-year period. That is the actual cost of registering the name. I add on $10 for me, because it pretty much takes nearly an hour to get everything done. You are the Registrant (owner) and Billing Contact; I am the Administrative and Technical Contact for the name.

Switching from your Current Host

If the time for your paid-for hosting is nearly up, and you are unhappy with that service, now would be a good time to switch. There is no cost to make the switch--just the normal hosting fee as outlined above.

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