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Logo Design Work

Logos can be as simple as your business name in a distinctive typeface. They can become more complex with the addition of an image, drawing, or symbol. The important thing is that the logo be usable in many circumstances. An intricate, complex logo that might look great on a letterhead, will not lend itself to the small version required on a business card or envelope.

It is marvelously inexpensive to include color in your logo for a website, but will the same logo still have power when the color is taken away on your business card or bill head where the cost of adding color may be considerable?

An aspect of my logo design work is intensely questioning you about your business, your intended audience, your approach to your business, anything in fact that might influence how I think about your business when I am designing. A logo must reflect the business to which it is attached. And, it must be something you live with for a long time.

When I'm working I make endless sketches on paper and on the computer. Every once in a while I will print out a version and tack it on the wall—so that I can live with it. Look at it with fresh eyes when I get up in the morning. It doesn't take long for there to be several versions up. At some point, there is some last change, perhaps miniscule, and then I see that it is done.

When you contract with me for a logo, I will make three, based on information you have given me about your business and your preferences. I will show them to you and you'll say what you like and don't like about them and we'll zero in on the one closest to what you want and decide what changes to make. I'll then incorporate the changes to it and pass it by you once again for your approval.  Return to Top
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