About the VT2000 Advice Pages

I've written these articles to encourage folks who might want to try their hand at website creation. After all, the Internet is about empowering people. And the way to empowerment is through information. The information here is general. I want to provide you with the areas you need to think about before you start working.

The separate pages contain external links to sources that provide more help or examples of how to do things on the coding level.

And, there is one program above all that I would recommend getting: WebBuilder 2013 from Blumentals Software. It costs about $50, but it is worth its weight in gold. Before I found this, I tried out between 10 and 15 HTML/CSS editors. Nothing compares—and some of those I tried out cost a great deal more. If you have never used an HTML editor, the learning curve will be a bit steep (with all of the editors), but this program is more intuitive than most, and will pay off in the end. Unfortunately, there is no Mac version. The best one for Macs appears to be Taco Edit.

And, one last generalization: if you use code from the web which is freely offered, as most of us do, make sure you leave the credits intact. These usually appear at the top of the script or style that you have borrowed. For more significant elements that you use, give more significant thanks! For example, on my contact page at http://www.vt2000.com/contact-cad.php, right under the form, I provide acknowledgement and a link to the programmer whose code I am using to implement my email contact process. This is the way of web, otherwise known as web etiquette.