VT2000   DESIGN  for  A R T I S T S  in the   INFORMATION AGE

Site Design Pricing Information

Sites similar to the two shown here range from $600 to $1200.

Artist Site: Meta Strick

Artist Site: Phil Godenschwager
The site immediately above displays quite large images.

If you call for an estimate, I will ask lots of questions, and if you aren't yet firmed up on what you want, I can give you a ball-park figure. If you can answer with specifics I can give you a hard estimate. AND, the talking and the estimates are free!

 The VT2000 Service

Creating a fixed price for a fixed site package is a difficult task because there are so many possible options.

Overall price is usually determined by the number of images and pages on the site, in addition to consideration of image treatment.

VT2000 Hosting

If you choose to have me host your site, the cost for one year's hosting for Artists is $60/year; $70 for Small Businesses. For the protection of my clients, I only host sites that I manage. No one but me ever accesses my server. For the security you get, these rates are extremely reasonable. Talking is free! If you want to talk, give me a call: 802.309.3344 or drop me an email here.

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