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Working with VT2000: The Basics

I do remember my first contact with the internet, and how little I knew. It was a black box to me. I fully sympathize if you are currently at that stage. If you work with VT2000, I will try to de-mystify it as much as possible for you, answering any questions you have. I won't snow you with information you don't need, but I will try to make the whole process clear to you.

The Estimate

Based on conversations and/or emails about what you would like for a web site, I will provide a clear estimate of the cost. There will no surprises, no hidden fees, nothing that you don't see in the estimate, unless at some point you decide to add more pages, or some significant amount of images. And then those too will be estimated clearly. If you accept the estimate, I will begin work immediately.

One of the things that will help is if you can show me some sites that you like and explain a bit about why you like them. That will help me target my design bettersaving me time and you money.

Working Together

After I have given you an estimate of the cost involved, and if you are happy with that estimate, I will create a skeleton first page and show it to you. This design will be based on our conversations, or emails in the case of remote clients.

This page will be for "looks only" and will not be a functioning page. If you are happy with what you see, and want to proceed, then I would expect a check for one-half (1/2) of the estimated amount. Once this is received, the real work will begin immediately. Basically this is the honor system at work. You trust me to complete the web site, and I trust you to pay me the remaining amount.

At that point, the first thing that will happen is that we will discuss the skeleton page in detail and, with this as a base, you can make changesadd pages, change colors, etc. As I said earlier, any significant addition of pages or images other than those considered in the original estimate will add some amount to the estimate. Things like changing a menu item name, or contact information, or copy, are included in the original estimate.

This is where thinking in advance pays off. Changes at this stage are usually easy to implement. Once the first page is done and others are connected to it, some changes are more complex to make.

At various stages I will put pages up on and provide a link for you to view the progress and make comments. Among other things, if you have asked for a contact page, this will be tested to make sure the internals are connecting with your email address. (It will be tested again as soon as your real site is up.)

Before the web site is put up on your site, it will be put fully up on When I receive payment for the last half of your cost, all links will be changed to reflect your domain and I will install the completed site under your domain. (As I said above, the email will be tested again at this point.)

Your Domain Name

If you already have one, great. If not I can give you advice about the ones you are considering and can also register it for you. (You can use the Domain Check to see if one you want is available.) When I register domain names for clients, the client is always the registrant (owner) of the domain name. If you do not have a domain name, I include registration for one year in the estimate you receive. If you also need hosting, I can help with that as well.

If you don't want a domain name . . .

If you only want pages for a personal site, using space provided by your Internet Service Provider, then that's fine too. We can skip the whole domain thing and get right down to work!

So, Let's Get to Work!

If you have any questionsdon't hesitate to call, or get in touch via email. I'm happy to answer questions to help you better understand the whole process of getting a site up and running. And, asking questions is always free!  Return to Top

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