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A Web Site Can Reduce Your Advertising Costs

Starting or growing a business has certain unavoidable costs. One of them is the cost of advertising. And, if you don't advertise, it's much harder to get new business.

However, it is often hard to shell out that money for something that seems to have no immediate and tangible results. I'm talking about things like a Yellow Pages ad and ads in local newspapers.

Pick one good Tag Line--

Both of these charge according to size. If you really want to give potential customers reasons to call you, it's going to cost some money. BUT, if you pick one good tag line for your business and list your website in decent sized type, folks can look you up, read about your services, special offers, etc. And, listing a web address doesn't take up much space at all.

What you save can pay for your site design!

If you reduce a Yellow Pages ad by half, you will save a chunk of money, and what you save in just a couple of months can more than pay for the cost of having VT2000 create your site. And what you could save in just one more month can easily pay for a year's worth of hosting.

 I hope you think about this, and of course, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call me, or email me. Even, if you don't team up with VT2000, the call is without obligation and I'm always happy to educate folks for free!

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