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VT2000 Web Design Projects

Artists can benefit greatly from having a web site. The pages can showcase their work and publicize performances and exhibitions. The artist can explain his or her work and include reviews and awards. Craftworkers can present tutorials, recommendations for materials.

The links below are to web sites created by VT2000. All are quite different and will give you a very good of idea of the wide variety of design available to you. Note: These links open in a new window, so you can just close them and be back to this list. And thanks for visiting!

Vermont Peak Properties, LLC decoration
Vermont Peak Properties Site Redesigned in 2012 and still being developed. Their area of operation is northern Vermont and their properties near the Canadian border are spectacular. They have been working with VT2000 since 2008.

Artist: Bonny Willett decoration
Bonny Willet Site Recently done site for Randolph artist, Bonny Willett, a sculptor and watercolorist.

Artist: Shanley Triggs decoration
Vermont H'Art Major redesign of the Vermont H'Art site for better image presentation and to organize the prints by subjects. The end result allows for easier visitor navigation and for easy adding of images.

Artist: Phil Godenschwager decoration
Phil Godenschwager This site is a work in progress for Vermont's Art of Action commissioned artist, Phil Godenschwager of Randolph, Vermont. The incredibly complex 2-D images required a safe way to enlarge them more than would usually be necessary on the web.

Vermont Music Teachers Association decoration
Vermont Music Teachers Site Vermont Chapter of the national Music Teachers Association serving all music teachers in the state of Vermont.

Art Button Works decoration
Art Button Works This is a commerical site that showcases and sells one-of-a-kind designer buttons online. The gallery pages pull buttons and information about them from a web database; this makes addition of buttons and data extremely fast.

Artist: Meta Strick decoration
Meta Strick's Site This was an exciting site for me to do because I was able to photograph some of her work, and lucky enough to have a group of her sketchbooks together to get the image that backs the navigation section of the site.

Artist: Karen Linduska decoration
Artist's Page I did this site for this Illinois Fine Art Quilter as a sub-contractor for an Illinois design firm. A slide show moves the work across the screen and each image in the show is "clickable" for a larger version.

Artist: Clair Dunn decoration
Artist's Site This is the site for my own Vermont-based Stock and Fine Art Photography. The main purpose of this site is to showcase my images, background, and capabilities and to provide information for jurors, gallery owners, and stock agencies.

Ellen Powell, Jazz Bassist decoration
Ellen Powell, Jazz Bassist This is a site in progress for Vermont Jazz Bassist, Ellen Powell. She can be heard Thursday evenings at Leunig's on Church Street in Burlington.

Key-leveling Tabs decoration
www.key-leveling.com This client is a piano technician and inventor in my area who wanted a professional site to showcase his device that aids other technicans in the process of leveling piano keys-- a tedious task. The layout is what is called "liquid" in that it shifts when you resize your browser window.

Treetop Builders, Inc. decoration
TreeTop Portfolio I did not design this site orginally. I did however redo bits of the site in late 2006 to clean it up and correct mistakes. I also redid the portfolio page so that it would run faster. The link here goes to that page because it provides another example of an online gallery.

Green Mountain Piano decoration
www.greenmountainpaino.com I first designed their site a number of years ago, and after a few years of phenomenal growth, they wanted much added to it and I suggested a complete re-design. Web standards and aesthetics are moving targets and it is important to refresh even the most static of web sites every few years.

My Personal Site decoration
Clair's Personal Site This is my personal site. Bits and pieces are occasionally added. It is an example of a personal content web site, as opposed to the professional and commercial sites above.
Ishaya Sanskrit decoration
Ishaya Sanskrit Home page Site supporting the study of Sanskrit, with an emphasis on using it as a meditation tool. (For my step-son who is off studying sustainable living!)

American Artifacts decoration
American Artifacts This is a pet project, inspired by a fast disappearing phrase: "Made in America". I plan to make the site a visual and textual repository for small objects from our everyday lives that were, once-upon-a-time, Made in the U.S.A.

Old Sites--Not Yet Re-coded

(These may not appear well in some browsers.)

Bass Lessons Page decoration
Bass Lessons Page This is an example of a "geeky" site. Plain, fast, and loaded with rich, popular content. With these pages, VT2000 gives a home to some of the finest bass lessons from members of The Bottom Line, a large, online group of professional bass players. Basswork gets several thousand hits per month.

Fairfax Press decoration
Fairfax Press This is a fairly extensive site made to showcase the 19th century print shop I built up over a thirty-year period. It also acted as a resource for other private presses and prospective letterpress printers.

Old VT2000 Page decoration
Old VT2000 Page For a long time, this page was the home page of VT2000 (started in 1997). It is a page virtually free of graphics, very plain, but still appealing. I'm in the process of checking up on the links to make sure they all still work.



I've created a number of web sites since my first one in 1995. Over the years I've come to realize that my services are most valuable to clients who are either artists, or at least discerning when they consider what they want for a web site.

When it comes to web site information I don't feel as if knowledge is power. Rather, I see it as a providing my clients with current and "best practices" information so that they will be steered toward web standards compliance and faster, more user-friendly sites.

 Web Standards?

There are standards for the web. They are geared toward insuring that the code used to create sites is accurate and will maintain nicely across browsers and will accept new developments without breaking. If you click on the image below, it will take you to the W3C site where the page will be validated. To read about the W3C stanards, visit the W3C Standards Page.

Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict

All sites I create will validate if possible. Some galleries require JavaScript code which, in spite of operating safely, and correctly, will not validate. I'm in the process of updating sites that were done before I learned about the validator. Fortunately, while somewhat tedious, this process is fairly easy.


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