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Why VTS?

I was a graphic designer and typographer for 25 years and worked on books, magazines, newspapers, and advertising materials. I began working with computers in 1980. Eventually I combined both these skills in designing for the internet.

When you work with VT2000 you can be confident that your site will be free of misspelled words, typos, and bad grammar. These things are incredibly important on the web when you consider that one of the standard ways of identifying spam is to note misspelled words and the bad grammar. I have an Honors M.A. in English and can easily assure you that the writing on your site will be excellent.

Additionally, your web site will be created in compliance with the best web standards to assure its best appearance in all three of the major browsers. (That's what the little W3C image at the bottom of my pages signifies.)

But these things are not enough in themselves. Your material needs to be presented with a tone that will make your visitor keep reading and eventually call you or send you an email. You can see examples of my work by using the menu on the right.

In addition to correctness and the right tone for your business, there is the issue of design. Design is the tool for making it easy for your visitor to find what she or he is looking for. It can make a site pleasant or not. Design is also responsible for the speed with which the site loads. Here is a page with more information on the elements that must be considered to produce a successful web site.

Content! Content! Content!

The final part of an excellent web site package is the content. In fact, content is the most important part. I have extensive knowledge of the internet and how people use it. I know what they want when they are searching. With my help and advice, you provide the content for presenting your product or service.

VT2000 *does not* simply take what you give and plunk it down on a web page. I will read it, mark it up, question you, explore with you how to augment it—until you have a fully fleshed out presentation of your business that answers as many of your visitors' questions as we can imagine. People searching for products or services on the internet want information, they want prices, they want description, they want history, they want personal information as it relates to your business. Above all, unless your site is a political one, it must make them comfortable.

If you have not considered a number of the things I have just mentioned, please consider calling me. Work with VT2000 and you can have a site of which you can be justly proud, and one which will present you, your products, and your business or service in the best possible manner. Give me a call and tell me what you need for your business.  Return to Top
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