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Your Business & the Internet

The fact that the Internet is often referred to as The World Wide Web has conditioned people to think of it in global terms rather than local. But, the Internet provides a powerful local tool for those who understand its use.
 Your small business can use the Internet to send out a color brochure to everyone who is interested in what you offer. No postage necessary. And it's in constant circulation—24/7.
 No printing costs are involved when you want to change your message. I you have your own server, you can do it yourself in an instant. (Teaching you how is one of the services available from VT2000.) Or, as your webmaster, I can make changes on a regular basis for a small charge.
 Imagine the most beautiful brochure you would want for your art or your business—with as many pictures and pages as you could wish. Imagine all the information you would like to tell potential customers about what you do.
 Then think about this: if you were to produce this in material form you would need a graphic designer, maybe a photographer, AND a printer. VT2000 can give you what you want for less than the cost of any one of these.

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